A journey of regenerative medicine—HKIS visiting Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre

A journey of regenerative medicine—HKIS visiting Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre

On January 9 (Wednesday), high school students from Hong Kong International School (hereafter as HKIS) came to Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre for a rewarding trip in which they visited an advanced laboratory capable of cultivating cells, making vaccines equivalent to DC vaccines.

Led by their Science teacher M. Dee Mulligan, 28 HKIS high-school students taking Biology as their learning modules arrived at the Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre situated on the 25th Floor of Octa Tower in Kowloon Bay. They were welcomed and greeted by Sophia Sun, Executive Vice President of the Medisun Holdings Limited, as well as several other senior executives. To start with, they visited a 10,000 square feet large advanced laboratory dedicated to cultivation of cells and production of DC vaccines or equivalent, witnessing the specialized equipment and techniques required for cell cultivation, reproduction, sterilization and storage.

The HKIS students also attended a lecture on regenerative medicine given by Dr. Philip Choy, Biological Science Director of the Medisun Holdings Limited, and Mr. Allen Chan, Laboratory manager of the Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre. The lecture centred on introduction to stem cells and the NK cell immunotherapy which is used against various types of cancers.

This site visit was proposed and requested by Mr. Mulligan, the Science teacher from HKIS. He chose to visit the Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre with his Biology students because of the advanced equipment and cutting-edge laboratory it has, which are relevant to the syllabus being covered. The lecture has widened the eyes of the students in a sense that it enlightened them about the inseparable relationship between human stem cells and Regenerative Medicine and also the sophisticated techniques involved.

Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre consists of a GMP-standard laboratory and a medical centre, both of which cover a total floor area of up to 10,000 square feet and are by far known to be the largest of its type in scale in Hong Kong.    Medisun Regenerative Medical Centre is owned and run by Medisun Holdings Limited which is committed to investing and running business related to Regenerative Medicine. Cryolife, the first umbilical cord blood bank in Hong Kong committed to cord blood and stem cell research, is another subsidiary of Medisun Holdings Limited.

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