Natural Killer (NK) Cells

 "Natural killer" cells can fight against cancer

The natural killer cells (NK cells) are one of the most powerful immune cells which are prevalent in the human body. They are mature in the bone marrow, circulate in the peripheral blood, liver, peritoneum and Placenta. When facing tumor lesions, they not only will kill the cancer cells, but also stimulate the body to produce anti-tumor immune response. The medical professionals recognize the NK Cells as the "first line of defense against cancer."

NK cells have a strong killing effect on cancer cells

It is understood that the human body usually produce thousands of cancer cells every day. NK cells have a strong killing effect on cancer cells. When the NK Cells meet the cancer cells, they will be combined together and destroy the cancer cells. It can be called the natural "Hunting experts ".

In fact, NK cell activity is reduced by certain types of stress. Factors like when the body is not fully adapt to the environment, decline in physical function, lack of sleep, overwork, feeling down, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition, etc., all of these will cause physical strength of the body to decline. Even temporary stress, can also lead to acute reduction of NK cell activity. But with proper adjustment, rest and enough nutrition intake, NK cell activity can be raised again in the body. However, when we continue to be in a stressful and with unhealthy living condition, the immune system is constantly weakened, and may lead to cancer or other chronic diseases.

The use of NK cell characteristics, research and development of anti-cancer drugs and methods have been widely recognized by the academic community

In recent years, by using the NK cells’ characteristics for the research and development of anti-cancer drugs and therapy. Through the technical means of which are prevalent in the human body, through activation and storage, the line of defense against cancer has become wider. With the early storage of NK cells, it gives a "backup" to defense against diseases. This cutting edge biotechnology has been widely recognized by medical professionals. After breaking through a number of technical bottlenecks, it has begun to become a reality, and has made a number of significant clinical efficacy data. It can be fully develop their potential to fight against AIDS and cancer.

At present, the use of the patient's own NK cells in vitro culture, to a certain number, and then reinstall back into the patient's body. It is a direct and effective treatment as an anti-cancer therapy. For non-patients, immune cells can also effectively improve the health status, and against aging.